Phasmophobia Rune Hints

Spoiler-Free Hints for Finding Runes

Clue Map Prison 13 Willow Street Camp Woodwind 6 Tanglewood Drive 10 Ridgeview Court 42 Edgefield Road Bleasdale Farmhouse
Clue Location Hint Explore outside Explore the bedrooms Explore tents near the fire Explore the bedrooms Examine the house exterior Examine the house exterior Explore near the attic
Clue Location On the side of the investigation truck On the whiteboard in boy's room On the wall of the food tent by the coolers In the closet of the master bedroom On exterior, to the right of the front window On the barrier to the right of the garage On the stairs leading to the attic
Clue Text Exit the building where learning occurs, to find the start of a maze outside Feed me black stones and the fire will grow, in return I will heat this snowed in hell and home Peer out from a bedroom window onto a wall, in fog above the basement reveals all Emerging from a watery grave, a quiet spot to watch the sunrise In a place where hands must be seen at all times, I hide where water falls on command Down the stairs to a chair that rocks, I support the house above In light rain and snow I never rest, defending fruit from my foes above, bring me light that keeps me warm
Rune Map Brownstone High School Sunny Meadows Mental Institution 13 Willow Street Maple Lodge Campsite Prison 6 Tanglewood Drive Grafton Farmhouse
Rune Location Hint Explore the back of the school Explore the north-most section of the map Explore the bedrooms Explore near the lake Check in the showers Explore the basement Explore the back of the house
Rune Location Follow the arrows on the ground starting at the east back door
(UV light)
On the bottom of the right boiler in the boiler room
(UV light)
On the wall when looking out the master bedroom west wall during fog
(UV light)
On the end of the pier, but only during the sunrise time
(UV light)
East shower, last stall, upper right
(UV light)
In the rafters above the rocking chair
(UV light)
On the scarecrow in the pumpkin patch behind the house
Rune Letter E P H O T I N