3D Renderings

These are some pictures that I have made with Bryce in my freetime. They are by no means amazing or unique, but I thought I would share them to see what others think. Thanks.

I wanted to make a neat atmospheric effect with a large red moon, and ended up with this. Not too shabby!

Have you ever played Portal? If not, you should. This took me a couple of hours to model.

I didn't model these sadly... I merely placed models I got from GLTron. Regardless, Tron is a cool movie!

I like Apple©. I like the Cube. This picture took me about an hour to model, and I thought it turned out with a good likeness to the original.

I like my iPod Touch. I thought it would be interesting to try to replicate. It took me about two hours in all. I'm fairly pleased with the result. Thanks.

I got sidetracked making this when I was supposed to be working on a project for an engineering cad class. Recently I decided to finish it and get it rendered.

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