Quartz Image Filters

Just with the release of Leopard, I became interested in the application "Quartz Composer." I have only used it for about a week, and thought it would be interesting to try to make some fun effects for iChat. I made a few, and some friends thought they were really cool, so here I am offeing them to whomever is interested. Some of them are just implementations of sample effects that come with Quartz Composer, and others are ones I made myself. So enjoy!

To utilize, place the .qtz file in /Library/Compositions/

This is a standard effect from Quartz Composer.
Psychotic is one of the example effects for Quartz Composer. It kind of reminds me of what scarecrow looks like in BatMan.... It's a very neat effect.
Like the iPod ads. Not perfected... yet... It's a work in progress
Retro Television
It looks like a television from the 40's. It has scanlines and is sepia toned.
Steve Jobs
He's our favorite.
Not sure, but it makes everything have a blue/purple haze. This is one of the example effects from Quartz Composer.
A cycling array of black and white. Nice.

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