Insects are Fascinating

One thing I enjoy photographing are insects. Insects are fascinating. When I can get a really clear photograph up close of an insect, so much detail and complexity to their anatomy is exposed, that generally can’t be appreciated with the naked eye.

Compound eyes are so neat. The geometric detail that nature produces is very pleasing. Hexagons are the bestagons. This particular fly was extremely large; one of the largest I’ve seen. He was courteous enough to stand still for a few moments on my neighbor’s car.

There are so many grasshoppers where we live. The kids love to catch them. This one is named “Joe”. I don’t know why, but that’s what he was named. He was posing very nicely on a piece of metal and I took the opportunity to take his photograph.

Not technically an insect… but fuzzy arachnids are very cute. This guy was on my car. I had a hard time getting a picture of him because he moved so much. That beautiful iridescent green is hardly noticeable from far away, but it is quite striking when you have a good up close look at him.

This wasp was enjoying our hydrangeas for what seemed like hours. This was my favorite pose he gave me. I like the way the colors turned out. If you zoom in, you can see the edges of his mandibles.
Take some time to enjoy the nature around you, even in it’s smallest form. We are surrounded by infinitesimal complexity and beauty.

© 2007-2015 Michael Caldwell