Cockatil Cabinet: Page 2

Here are some more pictures of the cocktail tables we are building:

The monitor mounted on the table top and the bezel in its nicely routed home all together for the first time! Nice.

The side view through the door hole.

My dad and his new saw.

All the pieces, all lined up.

A bunch of control panel sides, all lined up.

The new saw again. :-)

A wide shot of the garage.

"I don't know why someone took a close up shot of my hand while I was drilling. Its obviously not my fault." -David

Here David is drilling something. Probably the mounts for the monitor...

The jig David made for placing the monitor mounts.

Me and my dad screwing in the monitor mounts.

The monitor mounted on the new mounts.

Jim holding a routed table top in front of all the TVs.

Here David is drilling the fan hole on the base.

Ironing on the veneer for the sides.

David is happily grinding a curve in a monitor mount.

Grinding away.

Me and Jim doing some more veneer (there is a TON of veneer on this thing).

The garage after the 3rd (4th?) weekend.

TVs and the tabletops with TV mounts installed.

The tv (on a table top now) hooked up to Patrick's Rally-X board. The board didn't work when he bought it, we're trying to fix it. So far the connectors, a RAM and a bipolar PROM have been diagnosed as bad.

The base with everything mounted on it.

Again, the base, but from the other side.

David and Mike watching Jim sand.

Patrick working on edgetape around the top of the cabinet.

All the finished bases

More sanding around the top.

The work space for the edge tape on the control panels.

A control panel with the first bent sheet metal, and a control panel that just got edge tape put on.

The first base is partially wired for jamma!

This is the board my Dad made for switching between RGB, composite sync, and regular TV

This is our newly wired jamma harness on a finished base

Another veiw of our switcher board hooked up to the tv board. And thus concludes day 5!

This is dad putting the stain on.

More stain...

This is what it looks like after the stain dries, with the monitor bezel put in.

Uncle Ken

The brake.

Uncle Ken making the punch and the die.

The newly made punch and die.

The punch that cuts the holes for the control panel.

Uncle Ken working at the shear.

Uncle Ken working at the brake.

All the bent and puched sheetmetal for the controlpanels.

My newly soldered jamma adaptor for Arkanoid!

My table top with paint!

Glue to hold the sides together.

The side being put into place.

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