Cocktail Cabinet: Project Notes

Everyone and their dog has requested some sort of instructions for building a cocktail cabinet. All of the measurements we made were written upon sheets of paper. I would really love to (and have been meaning to for quite some time) make formal instructions with nice vector drawn images and measurments, but havn't the time to do it. (school, work, church, etc...) So, for the time being, I want to give you some manuals in pdf form, links, and hand drawn images with our measurments. I Hope this will help, and after school ends in a month, I will try to work on better instructions.

Our Rough Plans

These are just images I scanned of the paper that we did our measurements and stuff on.
page 1 - This Page is Probably the most importent. It has all of the measurments
page 2 - This page shows the plans for the bottom ans control panels
page 3 - This page contains the measurements as compared to a 4x8 sheet of plywood
page 4 - This page has the plans for the monitor mounts
page 5 - This page has the monitor bezel dimentions

Helpful Links

The Ms. Pac-Man Project This page was very usefull when starting the project. we got lots of information.

Arcade Manuals

Arkanoid 1 PDF- Useful for making the jamma connectors for Arkanoid
Arkanoid 2 PDF- more of the same
Tons of other schematics/user manuals (the Ms. Pac-Man ones are helpful.)

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