Wait… Didn’t I see this movie before?

I was watching Galaxy Quest at work the other day, and I asked myself, “Wait a minute, haven’t I seen this movie before?” The next day I was watching ¡Three Amigos!, (again at work), and made the connection that somehow the very same plot traversed space and time to create two seemingly different movies as far as location and period, but both stuck to essentially the same storyline and motivation of characters.

Don’t believe me? Look at this. So, here is the basic plot:

  • Out of work actors are in need of a job or gigs
  • A helpless society finds recordings of their shows
  • The society calls for the actors mistaking them for real heroes
  • The actors mistake the invitation for help for a gig
  • The actors realize that they are in a real situation, and not a show
  • The actors suffer an initial defeat against the antagonist
  • The actors toughen up, and combat
  • Tactics are used from their prior shows/movies
  • The actors and helpless society pull together and win
  • Everyone is happy! The actors become better people

Anyways, I thought this was interesting. I must confess that I like both of these movies a lot, and this connection doesn’t effect that at all. It was just something interesting to be noted…

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